Main Stage

  • Dave Eggar and Bristol Lighting ft. Blake Collins and Tanner Perry


  • Crystal Gayle


Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry as a member in January 2017 by her sister Loretta Lynn. The Academy of Country Music recognized Crystal with a 2016 Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award for her lifetime achievements in country music, and in 2009, Crystal was honored to receive her own star on the fabled Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dave Eggar and Bristol Lightning

Ft. Blake Collins and Tanner Perry

Dave Eggar is regarded as one of the finest cellists on the planet. That cello solo you hear in the intro to Coldplay’s first #1 single “Viva La Vida” is Dave’s performance.

On the Billboard Top 200 #1 album, the debut solo album by Zayn Malik, Mind of Mine, Dave plays and arranged the music.

Acoustic Arbor
Stage Schedule

  • Wise JAM program


  • Town Branch Bluegrass


  • Roxanne McDaniel and Rheva Myhre


  • Momma Molasses


  • My New Favorites


Momma Molasses

Based in Bristol, V.A. , Momma Molasses has toured throughout the Southeast, as a breakout D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) musician. Her music interlaces influences from Classic Country, Appalachian Folk, Western-Swing, Swamp-pop, Bluegrass, and Old-Time music into a uniquely timeless sound. Her rolling contralto voice scales over homespun finger-picked guitar, in haunting lamentations. Warm, rich, and passionate her songs embrace, and captivate listeners, soothing well warn hearts with vulnerable lyricism.

Town Branch Bluegrass

Throughout the past 15 years, Town Branch Bluegrass has had the opportunity to play such great venues as the Carter Family Fold, Wilderness Road Heritage Festival, MECC Home Craft Days, Gathering in the Gap, as well as other local events, including churches and private gatherings.  The band often welcomes other local musicians to join in the fun at numerous performances.

Members of the band include Brandon Elkins, Jack Bonham, Peggy Ely, Shirley Smith and Rod Griffith.

Roxanne McDaniel

Roxanne McDaniel and Rheva Myhre are an Americana duo from Johnson City, Tennessee. Both graduates of the ETSU Bluegrass and Old Time music program, they play a high-energy style of country music that draws on a wide variety of influences from bluegrass and folk, to blues and punk.

My New Favorites

My New Favorites feature a mix of honky-tonk and Appalachian music that is authentic enough for purists and progressive enough for folks who are ready to hear the Allman Bros. played on the old time claw hammer banjo. Led by award-winning songwriter Jeffrey Benedict, MNF is danceable, fun-loving and funny. They feature top-notch fiddling from virtuoso Westley Harris, and sweet vocal harmonies from bass-player supreme Amy Benedict. Jason Carpenter, a one-man-band percussionist, rounds out the sound. The band has been featured at many festivals, concert halls and music venues in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia and is looking forward to playing a full schedule of shows in 2022 and beyond.